Help restore our Chainsaw Carvings.

For decades the Loggerodeo organization and local businesses have purchased or donated all the wood carvings in the downtown area and over that time the sun and weather have wreaked havoc on these beautiful works of art and we hope YOU will help us restore them to “close to original” condition.

how it works

  1. Pick out a wood carving that you want to help restore

  2. Contribute $50 - $250 to get it fixed!
    To Contribute more than $50, just add more than “1” in the Quantity Box when you are checking out.

  3. We will work with our carvers and restoration team to restore the carving back to it’s original glory and keep you up to date on our website!

If our restoration team is unable to restore the wood carving we will use the funds to commission NEW Chainsaw Carvings.